Hotell Falköping is constantly working to improve and develop our environmental work. Your choice to stay or confer with us means that you support our efforts to become an increasingly environmentally smart hotel and conference facility.

Every year we set new environmental targets to reduce our resource consumption and environmental impact. This means, among other things, that the european Union should be able to take part in the that we have renewable electricity, source sorts, use eco-labelled products to the greatest extent possible both for washing, cleaning, dishes, hygiene articles, tissue paper and furnishings.

In our restaurant you may have discovered that we do not use any disposables and that we have an increasing range of locally produced, organic and fair trade goods. As a guest of ours, you can of course contribute in our joint responsibility for a cleaner environment, among other things. by using your towel and bedding for an extra day, sorting at source, leaving your empty batteries at the reception and turning off lights and TV when you are not in your room.

Thank you again for choosing to stay with us and thus make an effort for the environment!